MindChamps is much more than an award winning nursery. Developed by a team of interdisciplinary experts, the MindChamps program is designed to create champion learners at the early learning stage by nurturing the joy of discovery. Its trademarked Champion Mindset breaks free of traditional learning methods. Our award-winning 3-Mind Champ concept teaches young children ‘how’ to learn for self-fulfilling success.

Developed for the 21st century, our nursery curriculum is multi-disciplinary, combining breakthrough research in the areas of Neuroscience, Education, Child Psychology and Theatre. With an internationally recognised and science-backed curriculum supported by passionate staff, MindChamps offers your little champ the right start to a guaranteed successful future.

We strive to help your child unlock their potential through the 3-Mind Revolution – the Learning Mind, the Creative Mind and the Champion Mind. In unison with our 3-Mind teaching method, our philosophy of 100% Respect and Zero Fear gives your champ total freedom to be creative and unique, further empowering their education.