About us

Over the last ten years, Bloom Education has offered premium education with exclusive best-in-class partnerships close to home.

Our success is reflected in the high quality of our graduates, ambitious and inspired to chase their dreams. With all the virtues of an education abroad, we nurture our students in an opportunity-rich environment to reach their highest potential – intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally.

It is the result of carefully selected and established partnerships where values and directions align. Our partners lend their strength to our team, supported by experts, to operate locally while sustaining the highest international standards. Our current partnerships include Brighton College, Dwight Schools and MindChamps.

As the population grows and the world becomes more competitive, our focus is on discovering and bringing the best education brands home to craft better futures for the youth in the UAE.

Our Story

Dedicated to cultivating an incomparable nurturing environment for children, Bloom Education emerged to fill a gap when the selection of international  schools in Abu Dhabi was narrow.

Since then, providing a stellar alternative to moving abroad for world-class education, we have mirrored the highest pedigree of education that our premium partners have sustained internationally, with local graduates entering Ivy League schools.

In the last three years, with a renewed focus on finding premium and exclusive GCC partnerships with renowned brands, Bloom Education is constantly discovering and expanding to build better futures close to home.

Our Culture

Quality of Partnerships & People

Our growth story is anchored on two strong pillars: our partners and our people.

We have built best-in-class partnerships through true alliance of outlook and direction, by employing education experts to enhance our functioning, and by selecting the right people, under the right leadership.

Beginning with our resounding success of Brighton College Abu Dhabi and Brighton College Al Ain, the latest addition Brighton College Dubai opened in 2018. We have also partnered with Dwight School which holds a stellar record in the IB system, which we also opened in Dubai in 2018. Our partnership with MindChamps Nurseries, a leading nursery operator in Singapore, led to a nursery in our Bloom Gardens community in Abu Dhabi.

Future Directions

As the country prospers, the population grows, and the sphere of higher education becomes more competitive, we want to provide a springboard early on with reliable standards and a structural approach.



As we strive to enrich your life through exceptional service, we find ourselves more fulfilled.


We aim to keep the flame of innovation burning by embracing and nurturing new ways of doing things.


We consistently set the bar high so we can jump higher.


With honesty at the heart of our work, you can rely on us to fulfill our promises.


You can only feel at home if we do – that’s why we value our teammates as much as we value ourselves.


We commit to the pursuit of continually delighting customers and stakeholders. Your satisfaction defines our success.